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The Power of Pledge 1%, Serving Our Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

Pledge 1% is a philanthropic movement where companies donate 1% of their equity, time, product, or profit to non-profit organizations or causes of their choice to make an impact on their local communities. Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally for Impact, and Tides have spearheaded the Pledge 1% movement to accelerate their shared vision around integrating philanthropy into businesses around the world. Being a Salesforce Silver consulting partner, Brite Systems has pledged to give 1% of our profit to benefit the Indianapolis community where we are headquartered.


By pledging 1% along with Salesforce, Brite Systems has formalized our giving back program and we have joined the 100,000 members in 100 countries worldwide. CEO of Brite Systems, Jay Fernando, says, “We are passionate about giving back! Serving our community is built into our organizational DNA and we consider it a privilege to make a local impact through our pledge.” The Pledge 1% initiative has ignited almost half a billion dollars of charitable giving around the world. More than 87% of Salesforce customers also believe that corporations should place equal weight on their businesses as they do with supporting their local communities.


As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in the United States and Marion County was identified as a “hot spot”, Brite Systems was one of the pioneers taking action and serving our community while local and state governments were still mobilizing to help at-risk communities. Brite Systems developed an online portal for Marion County residents who were over 60 years old, pregnant, with prior health conditions, and those diagnosed with COVID-19 and in self-quarantine. Qualifying individuals could place an order for groceries and have them delivered to their home free of charge – all costs sponsored by Brite Systems.


The recipients of these services were highly appreciative of our efforts, one of them saying, “I am very grateful for your services during this uncertain time.” State agencies and a large local food bank also showed appreciation for Brite Systems while they were navigating the logistics of providing goods to people. Through the efforts of Brite Systems, more than 160 families in Marion County were supported.


Brite Systems went above and beyond the Pledge 1% commitment and donated nearly 5% of our annual profit to charitable causes this year. At Brite Systems, we place a high priority on being involved in the community and serving others, especially vulnerable populations. Being part of our team means making a real difference for those around us.


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