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So Many Channels For Customers?!

As a major aspect of the Salesforce Spring 2020 update, Salesforce now offers a channel menu which is a customized and simple path for B2C and B2B customers to communicate through several channels. When the channel menu is integrated into an external-facing B2C or B2B website, the customer has all channels in front of them, letting them pick which channel they want to utilize to communicate. Customers can click on their desired channels of communication and are then taken right into a discussion with a live agent or chatbot. If the customer needs further assistance, they are redirected to a more specialized live agent who has all of the customer’s information and data allowing the conversation to flow seamlessly. Integrating Salesforce’s new channel menu on your customer-facing website spares customers the time that they would spend looking for a “contact us” page, allowing the company and customer to connect quickly. With the utilization of the channel menu that is incorporated in the Salesforce platform, agencies are able to provide increasingly customized interactions with their customers.


In this manner, customers can engage with companies through their preferred communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS text messaging, phone calls, or WeChat. They can return on a later date to their preferred channel and view the conversation at any time. Another advantage of having a Salesforce channel menu is that the user can go back in a week, a month, or maybe even a year later and resume the conversation with the chatbot or live agent regarding their current point of interest using their personal apps. Customers can appreciate having the option to utilize mobile applications they are familiar with as a chatbot typically works better on computers. Using a Salesforce channel menu will most importantly show the customers that the company cares about its customer’s interaction and wants to make the customer experience their priority by letting the user choose their own channel of communication.


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