Brite Systems

Public Defenders System

Brite Systems developed a Public Defenders System with Salesforce Lightning Platform and Community Cloud. The systemenables state agencies to offer improved services to public defenders and reduce the administrative burden of staff.Italso equips public defenders with the proper resources to support citizens across the state.

System Features


Case Management

Easily manage cases from a single platform and scalable secure infrastructure to support the various system functions and business processes needed to manage cases.


Document Library

Manage and classify documents allowing for the effective administration of cases. The library Is designed for document creation, storage and retrieval, and association with cases.


Search Capabilities

Index and search the document library including the case bank, motions bank, jury instructions, seminar publications, and more.


Flexible Maintenance

Keep the library up-to-date by independently uploading new files or replacing existing files to your system.


Community Portal

Provide public defenders access to the document library, training courses, event registration, and much more.



Create a seamless user experience for all types of users by integrating continued education training courses and event registration platforms.


Revenue Streams

Provide public defenders with a web portal to purchase books and other resources to increase agency revenue.



Collaborate with individuals and groups to share information privately and securely within the system.

Public Defenders System Case Study

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