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Power Your Sales Team with Salesforce Sales Cloud & Einstein Summer ’20 Edition

Salesforce Summer 2020 Sales Cloud comes with a variety of new features for Sales Executives and Representatives to save time and connect with prospects seamlessly using Salesforce’s Outlook and Gmail integrations, as well as Einstein Call Coaching.


Using Sales Cloud Outlook and Gmail integrations, Sales Executives are able to track email engagement across their applications. This is made possible as Salesforce shows you engagement analytics using the emails your Sales Reps have sent through Outlook or Gmail, Lightning Experience – which is now fully available in desktop view on iPads using Safari or the High-Velocity Sales Work Queue.


In addition, Sales Reps can insert text shortcuts using keyboard codes instead of using a mouse to save time and focus on their email content e.g. “; links” would say “I’ll set up a meeting for us to review this together. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to direct customer service!” Cadence emails are also sent as a reply to previous emails that have been sent, so prospects get a conversational view.


Einstein Call Coaching is another aspect of the Summer 2020 Release that got a major update! Using Einstein Call Coaching, agents can gain visibility into their sales calls by being notified of competitor or product mentions or a mention of any topic that you define. When Sales Executives see different competitor mentions and objections that prospects may have, they are able to see how reps handle them as well as how they talk about the products that they sell. This can be done as Salesforce allows you to easily connect third-party recording systems.


Additionally, Sales Executives can unlock hidden insights that could not be accessed previously such as, slice and dicing calls by mentions, teams, or individual reps, saving time by only listening to important segments of the call which boosts coaching productivity. When your sales rep is discussing pricing or next steps, Einstein detects these moments automatically to keep in records as well to assist reps during their next call with this prospect. All of these statistics and more can be visualized in Einstein Call Coaching Dashboards.


Overall, Salesforce’s Summer 2020 Sales Cloud Release comes with a multitude of new features for Sales Managers and reps to identify leads, engage with prospects, monitor key business updates, and much more.


If your organization would like to implement Salesforce’s Sales Cloud solutions to power your sales team, contact our experts today.