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For Salesforce Einstein, Language is No Barrier!

Salesforce Summer 2020 Release has numerous new features and updates in order to enhance the user experience in Service Cloud. Among these updates include Einstein for Service. Einstein now has a set of features to assist with intelligence. Einstein case classifications assist in lookup fields as well as automated triage events. These events are available in order to have a faster and automated Salesforce workflow. Additionally, Einstein Article Recommendations include multilingual support to assist global clients.

  1. Reply Recommendations

    To start, Einstein’s reply recommendations are generally available and are included with the Service Einstein queue to assist with service intelligence. For example, if a customer asks “What shoe color options do you have?”, Einstein would instantly pull up several options for the agent to answer. One, for example, could be, “We have tan, white, navy, and black. Which would you be interested in?” The agent can then click on the option that they prefer to send to the customer. Furthermore, the agent can also make edits to the pre-made response if it is not exactly what the customer is asking for, or mark the suggestion as not helpful to make sure the same recommendation does not show up again if a customer asks a similar question.

  2. Case Wrap-Up

    In addition to Einstein’s reply recommendations, Einstein can also assist the agent in wrapping up the case. Once a customer is satisfied with the chat, Einstein gives a reasonable suggestion such as “Can I help you with anything else?”, right before ending the chat. Once the chat is ended, Einstein pre-fills critical fields of the case such as the subject, case reason, sub reason, priority, and escalation in order to make the wrap-up process a breeze for the agent. This saves agents time and improves the overall accuracy of case data, allowing the wrap-up process to be much more seamless.

  3. Multilingual Support

    The Einstein Article Recommendations are now available in German, French, Spanish, and Italian with Dutch and Portuguese coming in Winter 2021. The language is automatically detected using an NLP (Natural Language Processing) library, meaning the language does not have to be stated explicitly by the user. Einstein searches for language articles and if there are no articles found, it then falls back to the master language that was originally set.

    For example, if you open a case that has a French subject and description. Einstein then shows the article recommendations in French after automatically detecting the language. The agent can then hover and see the content or mark them as not helpful. These article recommendations also show the relevancy scores of each so that agents have transparency to provide a better customer experience. The agent can additionally attach or email the article to the customer.


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