Brite Systems


Creating A Seamless User Experience For IPDC

B rite Systems replaced an outdated system for Indiana Public Defenders Council (IPDC) and launched a modern solution on Salesforce. Previously, IPDC employees were using a 20-year-old database that was limiting efficiency of the agency. The new Salesforce system allows agency employees to manage their case bank and provide excellent customer service to support Indiana’s public defenders.

Our team recently scaled the solution to further enhance IPDC’s internal database with functions they did not have with their previous system. In addition to the case bank, the system will have a full document library including a motions bank, jury instructions, seminar publications, and more. IPDC will have the capability to independently maintain the library by uploading new files or replacing existing files.

The technology modernization was extended further with Brite Systems’ development of a community portal. On the community portal, public defenders can access documents, training courses from Moodle, event registration, and much more. The integrated public facing portal created a seamless user experience at the start of 2020.

Brite Systems’ implementation of Salesforce for IPDC has enabled the agency to offer improved services to public defenders and reduce the administrative burden of staff. The capability to access documents, purchase books and other resources, register for events, pay via integration with Indiana Interactive, and complete training are benefiting revenue streams for IPDC. It is also equipping Indiana’s public defenders with the proper resources to support Hoosiers across the state.