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We are passionate about creating simplified solutions for our clients as well as within Brite Systems. Through our simplistic solutions we are able to streamline operations, increase efficiency, improve productivity and grow employee satisfaction!



We provide our clients with the most modern technology while maintaining proven levels of performance. By continuing to develop new and innovative solutions, we give our clients the tools to offer superior service to their customers.



We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high-quality products to our clients, meeting their needs and achieving milestones within their budget and timeline.



Our solutions save time and improve business processes. By creating user-friendly solutions, we enable our clients to focus their time on the things that matter most.

About Us

Brite Systems, founded in 2006 by visionary entrepreneurs Leena Victoria and Jay Fernando, has been at the forefront of providing purpose-built enterprise solutions for our diverse customer base. From day one, our vision has always been centered around delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions that drive efficiency and enhance productivity across various industries.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we have built a rich history of transforming organizations through technology. Our passion for shaping the digital future has led us to develop top-tier software solutions, customized to fit each customer’s unique needs and business landscape.

Our founders, Leena and Jay, identified a gap in the market for highly efficient, scalable, and tailor-made enterprise solutions. Inspired by their shared vision, Brite Systems was established to bridge this gap, enabling businesses to achieve their full potential through strategic use of technology.

Over the past years, we have grown from a promising startup into a global tech force. Throughout this journey, we have stayed true to our core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, and innovation, allowing us to deliver the highest quality solutions for our clients.

Our team comprises a mix of seasoned professionals and bright young minds from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise. This fusion of experience and creativity allows us to consistently push the boundaries and design forward-thinking solutions that not only meet but often exceed our client’s expectations.

We at Brite Systems are committed to helping organizations embrace the digital future. We take pride in providing efficient, scalable, and user-friendly enterprise solutions that can transform your business operations, leading to improved productivity, cost savings, and ultimately, increased profitability.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. By working closely with our clients and understanding their unique business challenges, we develop solutions that are truly effective and results-driven. Our long-standing relationships with our clients are a testament to our customer-first approach.

Looking ahead, Brite Systems is excited to continue leading the digital revolution, staying at the cutting edge of enterprise technology. With the support of our skilled team and loyal clients, we are set to continue our journey of driving business transformation through innovative technology solutions.
Join us on our journey as we light the path towards a digital future.

Pledge 1%

Brite Systems has committed to join Pledge 1%, an effort spearheaded by Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally for Impact, and Tides to accelerate their shared vision around integrating philanthropy into businesses around the world. Our commitment means pledging 1% of our company’s equity, product, and employee time to our community.

"We are passionate about giving back! Serving our community is built into our organizational DNA and we consider it a privilege to make a local impact through our pledge."

~Jay Fernando, Brite Systems CEO

COVID-19 Initiative

We are committed to serving the community where we are headquartered – Indianapolis, Indiana. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Brite Systems met the needs of the people of Indianapolis through our Pledge 1% commitment. We sponsored and delivered groceries to those deemed exceptionally at-risk for COVID-19 including those 60 years and older, pregnant, or those who were diagnosed and self-quarantined. Brite Systems was able to support more than 160 families in Marion County during this crisis.

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