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Microsoft Dynamics XRM Practice

Brite Systems is a Microsoft Partner implementing Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM/XRM solutions from simple small business to enterprise complex architectures requiring automation, business intelligence, system integration and custom development, portals, mobile applications, and integrated Dynamics ISV Products.

We're proficient with integration to other business systems and partnered with industry leading integration technologies including Microsoft SSIS/Biztalk, CRM API and Web Services, SCRIBE, and ISV solutions that have proven track records.

Brite Systems has been providing Microsoft Technology implementations for over 10 years with more than 90 public and private sector clients across the country. We have over 50 employee consultants across Indiana and the U.S. supporting our technology consulting practice so you can be confident that we have assembled a team that frequently has industry experience in your vertical.

Brite System's CRM consultants average 15+ years of CRM experience and have a high level of industry and technology experience. Your CRM implementation will be handled by Microsoft Certified Professionals with current Dynamics certifications who participate regularly in on-going training programs.

Our Teams of Architects, business analysts, and Microsoft developers can customize Dynamics CRM to meet very specific purposes. Our capabilities include .NET development, Web enablement, portal development, SharePoint integration and systems integration.

XRM Paradigm

Most organizations think of CRM as Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. We provide these services and best practices, however, we have found that Dynamics CRM is an excellent development platform for internal use database driven applications. Dynamics CRM provides the platform for innovative software that requires 75% less effort than traditional ground up builds with .Net, Java, etc. The database, UI, business logic, security, users, activities, integration, API, Web Services are all in place before you even begin the project.

Rapid Assessments

Rapid Assessments provide your organization insight into what it will take to implement Dynamics CRM according to your unique requirements. This assessment provides an overall solution recommendation, estimated duration and professional resources, expected costs, and a solution blueprint that can be used to guide a successful Dynamics CRM Implementation.

Dynamics Technology Advisory

We understand that sometimes you just need some help. Our Technology Advisory can provide experienced professionals to work with you and your own IT staff to solve problems and provide guidance on a time and materials basis. Technology Advisory can also fill a specific role on an existing project such as .Net Developers, SSRS Report Writes, CRM Configurators, Architects, Technical Leads, and even Project Managers.

Decision Accelerator Upgrade

Dynamics CRM upgrades can be as simple as an installation or push of a button for basic implementations and can be quite complex for implementations that are highly customized or have skipped several versions between upgrades. Brite Systems has the experience to identify areas of risk and plan remediation and/or redevelopment of customizations to take advantage of new software features and remove configurations that are deprecated in newer releases.

Technology Modernization Projects

Most of our customer initiatives are in the Technology Modernization space. Many customers are maintaining systems that were developed in the late 90's on technology platforms that are obsolete. We understand that these systems are expensive to maintain, difficult to make changes to, and a shrinking resource pool to maintain them. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an exceptional platform for modernizing obsolete database applications. Frequently our customers experience return on investment in the first year of conversion of their legacy applications. Many of our veteran IT professionals still understand these systems and can provide specialized tools and services to make the jump to current technology seamless.

New Software Services Implementations

Whether your Dynamics CRM is On-Premise or in the Cloud Brite Systems can provide an end to end solution whether it is Platform Development, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services or Field Service.

Dynamics XRM Services

While Dynamics CRM provides many advanced capabilities for customization out of the box frequently our customers have need that require extending Dynamics beyond it's out of box features. In most of our customer engagements Dynamics CRM is used as a platform for developing verticals in both private sector and public sector. Dynamics XRM as a platform is a significant accelerator in building specialized database applications vs. ground up custom development. The Dynamics XRM Platform takes care of most things necessary for all applications such as security, database, user interface, workflow engine, etc. The Dynamics CRM API allows us to develop specialized functions and features within Dynamics with .Net/C# for virtually unlimited database application capability.

Cloud Migration & Cloud Services

Over the last couple of years many organizations have found it to be more cost effective and convenient to move their IT operations to the Cloud. Brite Systems is experienced in taking existing Dynamics CRM Implementations and porting to Dynamics CRM On-Line and also supporting integrated data sources whether hosted on Azure or a hybrid cloud where dynamics CRM On-Line can remain integrated with your on-premise legacy systems.

More often than not customers are implementing Dynamics CRM in the Cloud. Additionally taking advantage of Office 365 Integrated services such as Exchange, SharePoint, Office, Skype. Etc. creating the most capable set of tools integrated for the ultimate user experience. In addition to providing Microsoft Office 365 and CRM On-Line we also have experience with Microsoft Azure for hosting your existing custom applications and extending their scalability. We are experienced with the feature sets through Azure Services for both private sector and for Microsoft Government Cloud for public sector applications requiring regulatory compliance such as HIPPA, FedRAMP, DJIS, etc.

Integration and Conversion

In nearly all CRM Implementations there are is legacy data that needs to be either imported/converted into Dynamics CRM, or to be integrated with other systems. Brite Systems can provide solutions based on your needs for conversion, batch integration, real time and web services integration, service bus integration. For more complex or high volume integration/conversion Brite Systems has experience with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and CozyRoc, Microsoft BizTalk, and our integration partner SCRIBE.

Managed Services

Many customers prefer that Brite Systems provide a turnkey Dynamics CRM Solution to the ongoing management and administration of the Dynamics CRM Implementation. We can custom tailor an offering to meet your specific needs, whether it is as simple as user and security administration or packages that include product upgrades and ongoing customization and configuration of Development, Test, Integration, UAT, and Production environments. Brite Systems exclusively implements Microsoft Azure, Azure Government, MS CRM On-Line, and MS CRM On-Line Government cloud technologies.