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Data Services

Brite Systems has extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining successful data warehouses. In addition to data warehousing, we have also helped our customer's to successfully implement Business Intelligence systems. Our efforts installing state of the art Business Intelligence systems has provided our clients the opportunity to make informed organizational decisions.

Brite Systems considers information as one of the most valuable assets of an organization and when used properly, it can assist in a intelligent decision making process that can significantly improve the function and profitability of an organization.

What's a Data Warehouse & a Data mart?

Data Warehousing is a science of storing enterprise wide data of multiple business or subject areas for query and analysis. Data mart on the other hand is a subset of Data Warehouse holding data about one business or subject area. It's usually built focused on dimensional model using star schema.

Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball approach to Data Warehousing:

organized into subject oriented, time variant, nonvolatile and integrated structures. The data marts are treated as sub sets of the data warehouse. Each data mart is built for an individual department and is optimized for the analysis needs of the particular department for which it is created. Ralph Kimball advocates bus architecture Data Warehousing where individual business or subject area Data marts are connected together using conformed dimensions shared across the enterprise. This leaves the Data Warehouse as a virtual entity being nothing more than collection of all the Data marts.

The greatest advantage Brite Systems has capability to provide end to end solutions for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence systems.

  • Brite Systems offers

  • Consulting

  • Data Warehouse Planning, Design, Development & Implementation

  • BI Solution Design, Development & Implementation

  • Master Data Management(MDM)

Brite Systems approach to Data Warehousing is based on Ralph Kimball, Bill Inmon and a Hybrid approach. There's no right or wrong between these approaches, instead it's just choosing the best one which suits the client's needs.

Below are the typical steps or guidelines Brite Systems follow in building a successful Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence systems

  • Methodologies and Processes

  • Identify and Understand Data

  • Design Data mart and Data warehouse

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Migration

  • Data Aggregation

  • Design and Build BI System

  • Data Mining

  • Metadata Management

  • Brite Advantages

  • A Management team with more than 20 years combined Data Warehousing experience

  • Customizable pricing models that are cost effective

  • Cost Effective