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PeopleSoft Functional Analyst (Code#4004)

Performs highly complex data management functions at an enterprise level; installs, integrates, upgrades and manages PeopleSoft database environments and structures; • Monitors and evaluates PeopleSoft database environments to optimize performance; plans, organizes, tests and executes migration of databases from development and test to production environments; • Installs and tests new releases, bundles, and fixes; ensures data security protocols are maintained and backup/recovery processes are completed as scheduled. • Performs PeopleSoft database administration functions for enterprise databases, including running database management utilities to backup, reorganize and restore databases and resolve production and operational problems; • Monitors utilization and manages available database resources. • Performs PeopleSoft data and systems architect duties; analyzes data resource and server capacity and forecasts growth requirements; • Recommends server, hardware and RDBMS upgrades and enhancements to meet long-term needs; provides enterprise-level short- and long-term planning advice on technical enterprise database and systems management and utilization issues; • Promotes the effective sharing and utilization of common data across applications and departments/business units; • Provides advanced technical support to PeopleSoft developers and users including advice and guidance on complex processes and system interdependencies; • Troubleshoots operational and systems issues ranging from difficult to highly complex, including problems with multiple solutions and potential significant consequences; • Works with other IT staff to develop and implement or recommend the implementation of appropriate solutions to complex problems • Works in coordination and collaboration with other information technology staff as needed • Performs other duties as required

Principles, practices, and techniques of information systems management, including applications design, hardware and software options for administrative and business functions and the cost-benefit of systems alternatives. • Relational database theory, design rules, and development practices. • Data storage, warehousing and mining principles, methods and technology solutions. • Database management systems and software, including architectures, diagnostic tools, commands, and utilities. • Tools and utilities used in monitoring and tuning database, applications and systems performance. • Operating system architectures, characteristics, components, and commands applicable to enterprise information systems and platform operating systems. • Principles, practices, and methods of systems/network administration and maintenance, including configuration, performance tuning and diagnostic tools. • Principles, practices, and methods of project management as they apply to information technology projects.

Indianapolis, IN. Full-time, EOE.

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