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About Brite Systems

Brite Systems, Inc. is an Information Technology company specializing in consulting and software development. Founded in 2006, Brite Systems, Inc. delivers innovative information technology solutions and unlimited services that benefit our clients by maximizing their performance.

Mission & Vision

  • To provide innovative and creative technology to organizations to maximize their efficiency by delivering three important factors; People, Process and Technology.
  • People: The right people to perform the best job

  • Process: Industries best practices and methodologies

  • Technology: The latest; most cost effective


  • Core Values

  • Excellence: through commitment, quality, diverse resources and extensive services

  • Professionalism: providing the highest quality of work with persistence and focus

  • Collaboration: we deliver solutions by bringing together knowledge, experience and technology skills

  • Diverse Solutions: providing extensible solutions to the ever-changing business environment

  • Ethical Standards: we bring honesty, integrity and consfidentiality to all our engagements